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Drinking WaterWhile the average australian uses over 280 litres of clean, safe water every day, many people in developing countries survive on just 10 litres of water. And that must cover all their drinking, washing and cooking needs.

And often that is dirty and unsafe. The result is catastrophic.

Over two million children die each year from complications caused by drinking dirty water. Each one of these deaths is preventable.

We are all just little fish in a Big pond
One little Fish working alone can make a difference
Many Little Fish working together can change the world

So the aim of this blog? Basically I see and hear a lot of things, a lot of misinformation. Often it’s things I know are wrong but do not have the facts to make my point. Other times its getting a view out there backed up by facts. So it’s probablyy going to be alot of things centered I think around injustice and making a positive difference. If nothing else I will get the facts together for my own reference. If someone actually reads this it will be a real bonus.

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